Natural Farm Odor-Free 6" Pixie Bully Sticks 15pk Dog Treats

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Dainty and delightful: Natural Farm Pixie Bully Sticks are lighter, thinner chews, making them a great choice for smaller breeds, senior dogs, light chewers, and puppies. Their hollow shape comes from the use of beef pizzle sheath as opposed to the pizzle itself, and they naturally clean teeth to support better overall dental health. Fully digestible a rich source of amino acids for improved muscle health, joint health, and brain function. A fun treat and ideal energy outlet without any chemicals, from ethically raised, grass-fed Brazilian beef.

• Best for light chewers, puppies, senior dogs, small breeds
• Support dental health and help stimulate jaw muscles
• Benefits joint health, brain function, coat health, and muscle tone
• Fully digestible, low-fat & high-protein
• Single ingredient: All-natural beef pizzle sheath
• Grain-free, hormone-free & chemical-free
• Made from premium, grass-fed, free-range cattle in Brazil