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A Pup Above

Dogs deserve fresh, delicious food – that’s A Pup Above’s belief. Their tagline is, “Delicious food for a longer life.” A Pup Above was inspired by a pup named Lola. When Lola’s pet parents were frustrated by the lack of transparency with ingredients in dog food, they set out to make their own fresh dog food. 
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Open Farm

Open farm is raising the bar on the way we feed our pets.  The Toronto based company is committed to not only providing premium nutrition to your pets, but also transparency and sustainability. Keeping our pets and planet happy.  Open Farm boasts the first ethically raised and sourced certification for dog food. What does ethically raised and sourced mean? It means the animals welfare is monitored to meet the extensive standards on how the animals are ...
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Patriotic Pooch: Kick off Summer with Fun & Safe ways to Celebrate

Keep summer celebrations safe and fun for people and pets.

As summer holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day are approaching, many of us are looking forward to things we haven’t been able to enjoy in awhile, like fireworks displays and gathering with friends and family.

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February: Pet Dental Health Month

Your dog’s overall health starts in their mouth. 

Dental problems can be a cause or a warning sign of other health problems. According to the AVMA, periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats. By age 3, a whopping 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease....

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Product Spotlight : Primal Goats Milk +

Goats Milk  , known as the universal milk due to its digestibility for a wide variety of mammals—including dogs and cats! Not only is it digestible for our four-legged friends, but Goat Milk is packed with nutrients to help support digestion and immunity while adding a boost of hydration to your pet’s bowl. 
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