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Find a variety of cute and cuddly plush dog toys for your pup at Paw Naturals. Paw Naturals knows dog plush toys and your pup, which is why we stock a wide range of soft and durable toys perfect for your canine companion. The best dog plush toys either dog stuffed toys and dog unstuffed toys are adorable, but ready to withstand rough play. Plush toys come in almost every shape and size as well as different materials such as canvas dog toys, fleece dog toys, microfiber dog toys, nylon dog toys and polyester dog toys. So whether you’ve got a cuddly puppy or massive mastiff, Paw Naturals has the perfect match for your pup. If your dog loves to chew his way through his toys, try the KONG Cozie. The KONG Cozie is a top rated plush dog toy because it’s affordable, and designed to last. KONG cozies are made with an extra layer of material and less fluff, so they’re extra tough. They can be used as a soft fetch toy or cozy comfort toy depending on your pup’s mood.  If you’ve got a brainy bowwow at home, give him a plush dog toy puzzle to stimulate his mind. Outward Hound has created a variety of dog puzzles with themes your pup will love. Each puzzle is durably designed with an engaging array of shapes, sounds and textures to keep your hound entertained. Benefits of puppy puzzles include hide-and-seek enrichment and interactive dog toy fun. Whether you’re looking to entertain or sooth your precious pup, shop Paw Natural's online pet store for plush dog toys and the best dog supplies.
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Phoebe's Aromatherapy Multi-Use Essential Oil Spray in Rose & Patchouli

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