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Treat your pup to the best in dog grooming products from Paw Naturals. Whether you’re looking for optimal shine or something to remove itch, head to Paw Naturals for the best dog shampoo and dog conditioners. Shampoo for dogs is just as important as it is for humans. Plenty of pups would prefer play over a bath, but bathing bowwows is a lot easier when you find a dog shampoo you both love. Bathing helps keep your canine’s coat shiny while keeping skin healthy and critter-free. Give your doggie an enviable coat with top rated dog shampoo from brands like TropiClean, Earthbarth, and CloudStar. Dog shampoo can help you keep your canine free of harmful parasites. Just like human haircare products, dog conditioner and shampoo come in a variety of formulas created to specifically address your canine’s coat needs. Besides general dog shampoo, Paw Naturals carries top rated dog shampoo and conditioner for dogs formulated to fit your dog’s coat condition. Earthbath dog shampoo is made with oatmeal and aloe to help gently heal and soothe dry, scratched skin. This soap-free shampoo is made specifically for canine dry and itchy skin. Less time itching leaves more time for cuddles. For a lovely scent, try Cloud Star Buddy Wash lavender and mint shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Cuddling with your canine’s even more enjoyable when they smell like fresh mint and lavender. This fur friendly shampoo and conditioner combo is made with botanical extracts and essential oils. Buddy Wash includes natural conditioners like sage, rosemary, green tea and chamomile. If your pup’s suffering from fleas and ticks, get rid of those creepy critters with top rated dog shampoo at Paw Naturals. Have a ruff time bathing your bowwow? Fighting to get your furry friend in the tub each time can get tiring and frustrating. Give you and your pup a break with dry dog shampoo. Dry dog shampoo can help eliminate grease and odor from your pet’s fur without the hassle of traditional bathing. Dry dog shampoo rubs into your pet’s coat, absorbing dirt, grease and other particles from fur. Whether you’re looking for a dry solution to bath time, or a formula fit for your furry friend’s needs, shop Paw Naturals online pet store for all your pet needs.