Dehydrated Dog Food

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An exciting option for your pet that is flavorful and enticing, dehydrated meals lock in all the flavors and benefits of the whole foods. Minimally processed, dehydrated meals are cooked at a lower heat removing moisture while maintaining the natural nutrients and enzymes of the wholesome, raw ingredients in each recipe. A convenient alternative that is easy to prepare and easier to store. Dehydration means no moisture which means a longer shelf life without added preservatives. Serve by adding water and allowing the food to re-hydrate giving the benefits of added moisture of can foods without all the processing and preservatives. Get the benefits of a home cooked meal without all the hassle with one of Paw Naturals top brands of Dehydrated pet food such as Honest Kitchen and Raw Bistro. A wide selection of whole grain, grain free, and limited ingredient recipes to meet the needs of your beloved pet.