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PetMate Top Entry Cat Litter Pan

PetMate Top Entry Cat Litter Pan

$48.99 USD
With an attached lid, the Petmate® Top Entry Litter Pan makes cleanup easier by keeping litter inside the box. The generous wide top opening allows easy access for cats of...
Petmate Zeolite Basic Litter Box Filter Large - Paw Naturals

Petmate Zeolite Basic Litter Box Filter

From $5.99 USD
The Petmate ® Classic Litter Scoop is constructed using an eco-friendly plastic with antimicrobial protection. Microban ® technology helps to fight against the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew....
PetMate Basic Litter Pan Base Medium - Paw Naturals

PetMate Basic Litter Pan Base

From $12.99 USD
Description The Petmate Litter Pan is a sturdy plastic litter pan for the cat that prefers to do his business in the open. No hood makes it easier to scoop...

Your pets are part of your family. It’s exactly the same at Petmate. At Petmate, that love and passion which forges the bond we all have with our furry and feathered companions also fuels the joy and dedication exhibited in the products they make. The company was founded in 1959 after the creation of the very first dog kennel. Although the company originally specialized in kennels, growing demand for other pet supplies led them to produce other pet products. Since that time, they have continued working to create a vast line of products, with the well-being of their own pets – and yours – at the center.