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Give your pup regular home eye exams to stay on top of your precious pet’s eye health. Paw Naturals can help you maintain good dog eye care with dog eye care products from today’s top pet brands. By examining your pup’s eyes, you’ll be alert to any tearing, cloudiness or inflammation that could indicate a health problem. Paw Naturals carries a wide variety of dog eye care options such as liquid dog eye care, dog eye cleansers, dog eye wipes, and dog eye powder. Since dogs don’t have a safe or effective way to keep their eyes clean themselves, it’s up to pet parents to protect pup eyes from debris and infections. Dogs may rub against carpeting or furniture, or try to remove eye buildup with their dirty paws – causing more damage than good. Proper dog eye care includes keeping hair out of your dog’s eyes. Scratches to the cornea can result from contact with your canine’s hair. Keep your pup’s eyes clear of mucus at all times. Infections often result from bacteria that grows on mucus. Sterile eye wash for dogs, and dog eye wash pads can help keep this area clean. Paw Naturals carries several types of dog eye washs including Burt's Bees eye Wash Solution. Tear staining is another common problem for canines. Some breeds are more susceptible to tear stains, like Poodles and Cocker Spaniels for example. Tear stains can become unsightly if not taken care of. Paw Naturals carries many dog eye care products including tear stain wipes and chews for dogs from brands like Angels’ Eyes and NaturVet. Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes are recommended to help eliminate dried mucus secretions, discharge and unsightly tear stains from causing your pup harm. Use the eye wipes daily to keep the exterior area of the eye clean, and reduce eye irritations. Keep your dog’s eyes healthy, and help him reach optimal eye health. Shop Paw Natural's online pet store for the best dog eye care and dog grooming products for your pup.

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