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About Us

The Canine Butcher Shop has been around since 1996 and coined the Phrase “always and only USA”.

Fresh Hides 

USA rawhide is fresher…and simply better for dogs. Our beef hides are only a few days old when they arrive at our Chicago plant in refrigerated trucks. Then they are kept under refrigeration until they are washed and sanitized, cut, tied and dried in our special ovens. The hides used to make Canine Butcher Shop treats are not split to increase volume as most import hides are. They are not treated with harsh chemicals that stabilize and whiten the hide. In fact, the hides we use are so fresh they still contain the collagen layer which we keep intact during processing. That gives our treats added flavor that is not available in any import product. Fresher hides and natural processing produces a rawhide treat that tastes much better to dogs! It’s safer for the dog, too! 

Raw Materials

We use raw materials that are tested for quality.
Beef hide would be kosher gelatin or sausage casing
Pork skins would be Pork Rinds 
We control what is made into dog chews and it's only the best, people can eat the rest.


All of our products are formed by hand in the USA
1) Insures top quality product
2) Gives Americans Jobs
3) Good for the American economy
4) Best Value for Customer
5) Healthiest Chew for the Dogs

Always Made in the USA

Always fresh never preserved by formaldehyde or any other chemical
No harsh Chemicals are used in the processing:
- We use hydrogen peroxide to wash and sanitize our hides.
- Hydrogen peroxide gases off 100% in our drying ovens
Results in 100% Natural Product

Our products are made from thick hides not small pieces and chunks of hide like cheap import products.
- This reduces dogs swallowing an excessive amount and greatly reduces the chances of choking.
- Extends the “chew time” and provides a better value for the customer.