Mighty Paw Double Bungee Dog Leash Coupler

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Size: Xlite Coupler

Xlite Coupler
Standard Coupler
Standard Coupler + Handle
Xlite Coupler + Handle
Lite Coupler + Handle

Size: Xlite Coupler, Standard Coupler, Standard Coupler + Handle, Xlite Coupler + Handle, Lite Coupler + Handle
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Mighty Paw BungeeX2: Experience for yourself the most comfortable and convenient way to walk 2 dogs.

Our BungeeX2 comes in three varieties (standard, lite and extra-lite) to fit dogs of all sizes.

BIG OR SMALL DOGS: BungeeX2 works for dogs of all sizes. Dogs from 30-100lbs will best enjoy the standard version. For smaller dogs, we have our lite version and our extra-lite.

TANGLE FREE: Enjoy the peace of mind of our heavy duty tangle-free swivel leash attachment. You will never have to worry about your dogs getting tangled with Mighty Paw BungeeX2.

WEATHER-PROOF MATERIAL: As with all Mighty Paw products, BungeeX2 is made the highest quality material including weather-proof nylon and durable hardware to ensure its use for years to come.

REFLECTIVE STITCHING: To keep you and your dogs safe and visible when the sun goes down we added reflective thread stitched along the entire length of the handle and bungee.