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Open Farm

Open farm is raising the bar on the way we feed our pets. 

The Toronto based company is committed to not only providing premium nutrition to your pets, but also transparency and sustainability. Keeping our pets and planet happy. 

Open Farm boasts the first ethically raised and sourced certification for dog food. What does ethically raised and sourced mean? It means the animals welfare is monitored to meet the extensive standards on how the animals are fed, handled and how much space they have. From farm to bowl, Open Farm’s entire production is held to the same high standards providing happier and healthier farm animals and a higher quality food for your pets. You can trace every one of their ingredients in your pet’s bowl back to the source. Open Farm’s commitment to ethical and transparent sourcing leaves no mystery to why Open Farm raises the bar on quality pet food.

Every pet has a unique taste.

We carry a variety of Open Farm products that can help you spice up your pets' meal. Ranging from kibble, freeze-dried, and lightly cooked meals.

Open Farm Kibble has the best ingredients with recipes that are high meat, low carb and offer variety with easy switching. Grain inclusive options available.

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw is complete and balanced food made easy to serve that can be used as a meal or topper. 85% of protein is from raw animal ingredients mixed with organic fruits and vegetables.

Open Farm Gently Cooked is a home cooked, sous vide meal made from 100% human grade ingredients. It’s home cooking for your pet, without the cooking.



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