A Pup Above

A Pup Above

A Pup Above believe Dogs deserve fresh, delicious food - "Delicious food for a longer life."

A Pup Above was inspired by a pup named Lola. When Lola’s pet parents were frustrated by the lack of transparency with ingredients in dog food, they set out to make their own fresh dog food. After feeding her food gently cooked through the sous-vide cooking process, Lola’s family discovered their inspiration for this company. Their human-grade, sous-vide fresh dog food is just like homemade but easier. Formulated by a veterinary nutritionist with fresh, non-GMO and USDA ingredients, it delivers quality nutrition to support long-term health and wellness. Their recipes are delicious, convenient, and healthy.

Though most fresh dog food is cooked at lower temperatures than the average kibble, A Pup Above is different. It is cooked sous-vide for 2 hours to lock in nutrients, flavor, and moisture.A Pup Above uses non-GMO veggies and USDA meats, packaging their recipes in BPA-free vacuum-sealed bags. They are cooked for 2 hours until the food reaches 160°F – just enough to kill pathogens but not high enough to destroy the nutritional quality of the ingredients. A Pup Above doesn’t use any thickeners, gums, or “natural flavors” in their foods. There is no added salt and there are zero preservatives. Because there’s no high heat processing, your dog’s food retains its size and nutrient content.

A Pup Above aims for the highest quality possible with their products to deliver superior nutrition to pets all over the country. Their recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, guaranteed to deliver wholesome, balanced nutrition. A Pup Above products are made using non-GMO, pesticide free vegetables and USDA meats sourced from farms across the United States. Everything is prepared in USDA human food facilities using the sous-vide cooking method. Their company headquarters are located in Austin, Texas and their products are made in Texas as well!

What sets A Pup Above from their competitors?

Their food is human-grade.
They use 100% human-grade, non-GMO ingredients that are free of steroids, antibiotics, and hormones.

They locally and creatively source ingredients.
To cut down on food waste, they look for ways to upcycle ingredients and materials. For example, they use ugly produce that may otherwise be thrown away. It carries the same nutrients, but may not sell as easily.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable.
They use 100% recyclable packaging because over 99% of dog food packaging is wasted each year because of unsustainability. Simply request a label and ship your used packaging back to be recycled.

Fully traceable ingredients.
On their website, you can plug in the code from your dog’s food bag to find out where in the United States your dog’s food ingredients came from. Because the food is created in small batches using a sous-vide cooking method, you’ll always know exactly where your dog’s food came from.

72% more protein than competition. 
Less carbs and more protein supports weight management, healthier muscles, skin and joints.

So what kind of food does A Pup Above offer? They currently have four flavors on the market, two which are grain free! Shop A Pup Above HERE. 


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