Patriotic Pooch: Kick off Summer with Fun & Safe ways to Celebrate

Keep summer celebrations safe and fun for people and pets.

As summer holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day are approaching, many of us are looking forward to things we haven’t been able to enjoy in awhile, like fireworks displays and gathering with friends and family. For our pets though, crowds and loud noises may cause anxiety and potentially lead to destructive behavior, especially after an unusually quiet year. Fortunately, there are ways you can make sure your holiday celebrations don’t turn into a stressful event for your pet. 

Your pet will look to you when they’re fearful, so stay calm, gently reassure them, and act as if everything is normal. If you’re away from home, bring along your dog’s favorite toy, chew, or blanket to reassure and distract them. You can also try using calming aids. We love the calming products from ThunderEase that effectively soothe anxiety without the use of medication. The ThunderShirt uses constant gentle pressure to help your dog feel secure and calm, and the ThunderEase calming collar releases calming pheromones that reduce stress. We also carry a variety of natural calming chews from trusted brands like Treatibles and Pet Releaf. If you haven’t used calming aids before, try some out ahead of time so you can find out what works best for your pet. 

Patriotic fun!

Of course, our first priority is to keep our pets safe during the summer holidays, but we also want them to have fun and show their patriotic pride! Help your dog dress for the holidays with Patriotic Stars collar, lead, and collar accessories from The Worthy Dog. If your pup is a true fashionista, they’ll need a red, white, and blue t-shirt to wear to summer celebrations, and if they’re a real party animal, check out our Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt. 

When you’re planning the menu for Memorial Day picnics and barbeques, don’t forget the pets! It’s tempting to want to share food with our furry friends, but remember that some of our cookout favorites can be dangerous for dogs. Don’t ever give your dog a cooked bone or a corn cob. They can easily break when chewed on and pose a choking hazard. Also, keep fatty meat, avocados, grapes, raisins, and cherries away from your pup. When they give you the puppy dog eyes during your barbeque, have something ready just for them! We recommend a dog-safe bone or chew or Bosco & Roxy’s adorable and delicious decorated Dog Bless America bakery treats!