Travel Safely with Your Pet This Summer


Travel Safely with Your Pet This Summer

It may seem like a no-brainer but traveling safely with your pet involves preparation, attentiveness and being ready to improvise. We checked it out and here are some of the best tips we could find when it comes to hitting the road with your pup:

  1. Is your pet microchipped? This is the quickest way to locate your dog should he or she get away from you. Talk to your vet about getting your pup implanted with one. Also be sure your pet is wearing a collar and tag with his/her name and your phone number listed. 
  2. In general, your pet shouldn't be roaming free in your vehicle. She should be properly restrained with a safety harness or in a well-ventilated crate. This is not only a safety measure should you get in an accident but it will also help keep you vehicle clean by keeping your pet in one spot. If you travel frequently with your dog, check out these seat covers by Kurgo.
  3. Take plenty of rest stops! Especially on hot days when your pet is probably consuming more water than normal. This will also give your pet a chance to get some exercise if you take long road trips!
  4. This is another obvious one but we have to say it! NEVER leave your dog or cat alone in a car on a hot (or cold) day. On hot days, your car acts like an oven and can reach extremely high temperatures in just a manner of minutes which can kill your pet.
  5. Air travel is safer than ever for people, but for pets, it can be stressful and even harmful. Check with your airline about their pet policies before booking your flight. If your pet is small enough and you have the option, always fly them in the cabin with you. The cargo holds of planes can get too hot, too cold and have poor ventilation. 
  6. Pack plenty of food, poop bags, toys, treat and your own water. Should you have to stop and no rest area is immediately available, it's good to be prepared by bringing your own water supply, especially on hot days. The Gulpy is great for this! Don't forget any medications your pet may be taking. 
  7. If your dog or cat is a nervous passenger, prepare her for the long ride with some shorter rides first, gradually increasing the amount of time spent in the car. 
  8. Feed your pet a small meal 3 to 4 hours prior to your departure. Try not to feed your pet in the car. If your pet gets carsick or anxious during long trips, you can try some all-natural supplements like these to help calm bodies and minds. 
  9. If you'll be camping on your trip, be sure to pack the flea & tick treatments! There are many all-natural, pesticide and drug free flea & tick repellents that are crazy effective.
  10. Traveling by ship or train? Check with the cruise line or Amtrak in advance to see if they allow pets. At this time, most do not but ALWAYS check first. Travel by car seems to be the safest, least stressful way to travel with your pet. 

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