Keep Your Pet Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Keep Your Pet Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

If it’s hot for you, it’s even hotter for your pet. Keep yourself cool as the temperature rises but don’t forget about your pets! We did some research and here are a few tips to help keep your pet cool during these last few weeks of fun in the sun.

1. Never EVER leave your pet in a hot car for any reason. Cars left in the sun can become dangerously hot in a matter of minutes. Even if you think you will only be gone a few minutes, that’s all it takes for dogs/cats to start feeling the effects of heat stroke.

2. Limit their exercise on very hot days. You can also try walking your dog later in the evening when the temperature has dropped a bit. If you must walk your dog on hot days, keep the walks short and always be sure water is available to them during and after. Check out our portable water bowls.

3. Avoid walking your pets on hot surfaces in summer. Hot pavement and asphalt can burn the pads of their paws. If you live in a more metropolitan area with little access to grass, try Musher’s Secret to shield their paw pads from burns.

4. On that note, ALWAYS be sure you dog has unrestricted access to water AND shade on hot days.

5. A fan won’t cool your dog the way it cools you. Dogs sweat through their feet and so fans do not have the same cooling effect on them as they do on people. This is why access to shade and water is key.

6. Try cooling them from the inside out. You can freeze canned pumpkin or sweet potato in ice cube trays for a cool treat on hot days. Canned pumpkin is full of great fiber for their digestive tract and by freezing in trays or in their favorite toy, you can provide them some relief from the heat. Try Nummy Tum Tum or Fruitables brand canned pumpkin and sweet potato for dogs and cats! 

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