Winter Health & Safety Tips

Winter Health & Safety Tips

While snow and frigid temperatures may make your morning commute miserable and put a damper on your weekends it's important that you don’t forget your pets - the winter months are just as tough on them as they are on you.

With no relief from this weather in sight, now is a good time for pet owners to educate themselves about protecting Fido from the frigid cold and all of the issues that come with it. Our very own Jami Ippolito has some tips for dog owners:

Steer Clear Of Salt: The salt used to melt snow and ice can burn your pets’ little paws. Jami recommends Musher’s Secret, a topical wax product that forms a barrier between the padding on their paws and the salty, icy ground.

Be Mindful Of Their Menu: While it’s important to always serve your dog nutritious food, it’s especially vital during the winter months. Fish like salmon, sardines and whitefish provide important Omega 3 fatty acids that help ward off dry, itchy skin, maintain a healthy, shiny coat and preserve brain function and mental acuity. We recommend combining a fish-based diet and a health treatment like Plato Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients she need to be at her best this winter.

Pamper Their Paws (and Skin): Much like the way winter weather can lead to dry, chapped skin in people, it can wreak havoc on your pup. When it's time to take them for a walk padded paw boots are one of the best ways to shield them from the elements. Back at home, moisturize their paws and skin with coconut oil to prevent the itching and cracking brought on by cold weather-related dryness. When it comes time for grooming, Jami also recommends a using moisture-rich shampoo like Bobbi Panter Natural Soothing Shampoo with Tea Tree oil. But be careful not to bathe them too often. Too many baths can make their skin even drier which can lead to itching and even infection. 

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