What precisely does it take to be “Paw Naturals Approved”?

Our preferred rule of thumb is that if ingredients aren’t secure for us, they’re no longer secure for our pets. But to earn our stamp of approval, products need to both natural and premium. When you see “Paw Naturals Approved” on meals, it approach what you’re shopping for is freed from allergens like corn, wheat, soy or by-products. On our grooming merchandise and services, it manner you could consider that they’re 100% mild for your pet’s pores and skin and coat. And on our treats, supplements and components, it stands for the high fitness and protection standards we preserve for each and each emblem we promote.

There are such a lot of different types of food. How do I understand which one is proper for my pet?

If you’re in a store, clutch us, we’d love to help (and our staff definitely is aware of their stuff). At home? Check out the publications on our website in Animal & Mineral, our aid for all matters pet-related. We’re constantly adding new content so that you get the ultra-modern updates.

I’m getting a parrot or maybe a groovy snake. Do you deliver meals and resources for them?

We think all pets are awesome, however we love to cognizance on just puppies and cats. That way, we are able to come up with the most carefully selected range of natural food, treats, toys, supplements and materials possible.

My pet’s got allergies but loves treats. What do I do?

Don’t worry, we’ve were given plenty of scrumptious treats with the intention to hit the spot with out giving your canine warm spots. We carry a big type of grain-loose and entire meat treat options – including interesting protein alternatives like venison, rabbit and kangaroo.

I think my pet should use a supplement. What have you ever got?

The real question is, what don’t we deliver? We’ve got supplements for the entirety from dental fitness to mental fitness and some thing in between — probiotics, digestive aids, multivitamins, joint fitness support, omega-3, immune support, urinary tract fitness, flea and tick safety and more.

I’m going to offer my dog a haircut. Do you deliver grooming resources?

Oh boy. Remember while your mom gave you a bowl cut as a kid? We bring upkeep grooming resources like shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes and nail clippers.

How do you decide wherein to supply products?

Our primary priority is finding vendors whose products we agree with in. To us, meaning they ought to be products we’d be pleased to offer our personal pets, or they’re a no-go. Currently, we source from relied on regions like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We have quite a few toys made in the USA, as well as from different countries.

I’m thinking about getting a pet. Do you sell them?

Nope, but can we interest you in a rescue? We love web hosting rescue occasions at our stores, and you could take a look at out the events web page for any upcoming probabilities to make a friend for life.

What’s happening with the FDA and grain-unfastened diets?

The FDA is analyzing the ability link between grain-unfastened diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The observe is ongoing and there may be no confirmation. Here’s the ultra-modern on what you have to recognize. We will continue to replace with new information.