Featured Brand: Why we love primal

Featured Brand:  Why we love primal


Why we love primal

Many pet parents love feeding raw diets for its many benefits, a raw diet is as natural as you can get. A raw diet consists of raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables. Raw is much easier to digest than cooked foods and is more nutritionally rich! Primal’s pet foods are made to keep your pets diet as natural as you can.

We all want to feed our pets antibiotic and steroid free with no added hormones that's why we look to primal raw or freeze dried raw diets.

Primal uses all human grade meats, which are grass fed and are corn, wheat, & soy free that come from ranches in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.   Your pets health is the most important thing that's why primal provides the highest quality proteins that provides fatty acids and active enzymes which are essential to your dogs health.

Don't forget the milk or broth!

Goats milk is sourced from free-range goats ethically raised without antibiotics or added hormones. It’s everything that kibble isn't. Goats milk provides moisture, digestible fats & proteins, contains probiotics and enzymes and is a superfood! 

Bone broth is great for picky eaters and provides moisture and nutrients that benefits digestion, liver support, joint health and more! Bone broth comes in Turkey, beef, chicken,and pork that's great for all life stages!

Stop in today to learn more! Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help your pet live a happy long life!  

You can find our primal products here


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