The Raw Pet Food Diet

The Raw Pet Food Diet

The Raw Pet Food Diet

Your cat or dog may not resemble or behave like their wild relatives, but that does not mean they do not eat like them. Domestic cats and dogs are capable of eating like wild wolves and lions, and even thrive on it. This is because, despite domestication, their basic physiology has only changed very little.

Cooking reduces the potency of many essential nutrients and minerals while completely destroying other vital nutrients. A diet consisting of real raw, uncooked food is the most nutrient-dense and easily digestible pet food diet. Some other benefits from a raw diet are:

  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath
  • Better weight control
  • Improved digestion (i.e., Harder, smaller, less smelly stools)
  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • Strengthened immune system (e.g., Improved liver, pancreatic and bowel health)
  • Savings due to less trips to the vet

You can supplement your pet’s kibble with raw foods, or feed entirely in raw. Unlike humans, our pets can handle the natural bacteria found in raw foods within reason, so little concern should be given there. Regardless, raw food brands pressure pasteurize their products. Pressure pasteurization is a sophisticated technique that kills most bacteria and viruses without the need for heat.

The following are a few raw brands:


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