The Power of Green Juju

The Power of Green Juju
Getting children to eat their vegetables can be hard, getting your dog to eat them can be even harder. Sometimes, we don’t know what exactly our dogs need and what foods would benefit them most, that’s where Green Juju comes in!
Created in January of 2014, Green Juju strives to make feeding your pet a healthy, wholesome, and fresh diet as easy as grabbing a bowl of cereal! They know you’re a busy parent, so they created products that can be fed quickly and easily and also deliver the maximum amount of nutritional benefits.
Made with bison bones, organic apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and ginger, this awesome broth gives the hydration your pet needs, while also delivering tummy calming aids for upset stomachs.
This nutrition packed topper is just what you need to introduce greens into your pets diet. These greens have been freeze-dried to make it easier to feed their popular Just Greens Blend. Now with added nettles, which help reduce allergies and arthritic pain.
These salmon bites are great as treats and toppers for your picky pets! These nutritional treats are good for dogs and cats of all ages and include 85% salmon as well as organic purple cabbage and blueberries. That’s not including the great single ingredient trainers as well!
Their original Blends are the best way to add nutrition, hydration, and flavor to your pets diet. With flavors such as Just Greens, Bailey’s Blend, and Golden Blend you can get an array of benefits.


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