Stocking Stuffers for your Pet

Stocking Stuffers for your Pet

Stocking Stuffers for your Pet

Getting stocking stuffers for any pet can be hard, whether it’s your pet or a friend’s. Luckily, here at Paw Naturals, we know just the thing to bring Christmas cheer to our furry friends. We’ve put together a list of fantastic stocking stuffers that encompasses only a few of our wonderful brands this holiday.

Dog Toys - Soda Pup

If you want your gift to last, try giving a Soda Pup toy this Christmas. Sodapup makes the best chew toys for dogs. American made for the power-chewers 

Cat Toys - DoyenWorld

From small felted toys to full puzzle boxes, DoyenWorld is our go to brand for all toys cat. Give your cat an interesting toy that will captivate them for hours and help keep them stimulated.

Dog Apparel - Worthy Dog

Make a pup (or cat) stand out with The Worthy Dog’s shirts, sweaters, collars, and more! Make any pet look festive with their holiday and winter line.

Cat Apparel - Sparky & Co

Paw Naturals’ own brand, Sparky & Co, offers the best clothing options for cats. Grab a shirt or sweater to warm your kitten this season.

Dog Treats - Lord Jameson

Festive and delicious, Lord Jameson has done it again this year and brought their holiday treats to the game. With flavors like ginger bread and Hanukkah gelt, it’ll be hard for any dog to pass these up

Cat Treats - Pet Wine Shop

Ever wanted a drinking buddy, but only had your cat? Well, with Pet Wine Shop’s cat wine, you’ve got all you need for a nice night in with your furry friend and a glass of wine. Each one is infused with catnip to ensure a good time for your feline.

Home Gift Ideas - Pet House Candles

Soy candles are environmentally friendly, and pet friendly. Get a full season’s worth of candles from Pet House to fill your home with festive smells this year and keep your pets nose safe.

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