Safety tips for your pet at a birthday party.

Safety tips for your pet at a birthday party.

Throwing a birthday party for your dog is always a fun and interesting way to celebrate another year with you. However, there are always safety precautions that you should take before throwing your pooch a birthday bash:

Get a dog-safe cake and treats: Make sure to buy them a cake and treats that aren’t going to upset your dog or any other party attendee’s stomachs. This should also include asking the other owners whom you’ve invited if their dogs have any allergies or tummy sensitivities.

Watch the weather: Outside play is the most fun when it’s not too hot, not too cold, and usually not raining or snowing (unless your pup is into it, looking at your huskies and labs)! Making sure the weather is good can help prevent heat stroke or getting frostbitten paws.

Dog-to-do interactions: In making a guest list, it is important to invite dogs and people-friendly dogs. Sometimes dogs can get territorial and start a fight.

Picking the right place: Is your party outside and on-leash or inside and off-leash? Finding a venue that has the space and resources you need is important.

Bring in the snacks: You might think bringing treats is enough, but make sure to also have food, water, plenty of toys for every dog, and plenty of attention to make sure everyone is playing safely.

Health concerns: If you are worried about a dog that seems to not be doing well, check-in with the owner. They will be the best bet and calming or helping their hurt pet. Making sure all dogs attending have their vaccinations up to date is also important, keeping all the dogs at the party healthy,

Pick up: If there is people’s food with wrappers, make sure to keep it picked up and away from the dogs. We all know they love getting into things they shouldn’t, and working to avoid these possible issues is your best bet.

Keeping everyone safe may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with the right prep, your puppy party will be the bark of the town!

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