How You and Your Pet Can Stay Safe This July 4th

How You and Your Pet Can Stay Safe This July 4th

     The Fourth of July is a scary time for pets. Many pets end up in shelters before and after the holiday because the fireworks scare them so much. Running away is common during this time every year, whether it’s jumping fences or escaping out an open door, they will search for comfort until they’re away from the sounds.

     Some say comforting your pet causes more stress. However, if your pet comes to you for comfort, don’t turn them down. Petting your dog or cat can help calm them, but giving them a treat and reinforcing the behavior can cause the behavior to become learned.

     We here at Paw Naturals understand it can be scary for us as parents to see our pets so scared. To help you and your fur baby survive this fourth of July, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to prevent any incidents!


Tire them out

     Getting your cat or dog tired before the fireworks start is a great way to keep energy low during the festivities. Tired pets are easier to keep quiet as well as less likely to be disturbed by the noise outside.

     If it’s really hot out, make sure to take precautions to keep your pet from overheating.

Stay home

     We understand that not everyone is able to stay home on the fourth, but your pet may become even more scared if you’re away from home. Dogs are pack animals and prefer the comfort of their pack (you!)

     This becomes even more important when you have a new pet who is not yet used to you or their surroundings. If things get too hot at home, our cold pads are a great way to cool off your pet

Provide a Distraction

     While you want to limit the amount of stimulation your dog is given, you want to give them something that will distract them. Things such as a bit of frozen canned food for them to lick, playing a game with them, or giving them extra cuddle time.

     Being able to distract them from the loud noises can help keep them calm during them. West Paw Design’s interactive toys or one of our many puzzle toys can help keep them distracted with a nutritious treat.



     Thundershirts are a jacket you can buy for your pets to help keep them calm. It provides a pressure that calms the nervous system. Kinda like a weighted blanket!


     CBD is a great natural alternative to prescribed medications from vets. It can help calm pets, but also benefits elderly pets who have joint pain. Try our best selling hemp and CBD oil from primal.

Don’t forget to get festive!

     Themed toys, bandanas, and treats are always a plus! Check out our Fourth of July Collection to find more fun ways to celebrate safely with your pet this fourth!


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