We Stand Behind Raw Food

We Stand Behind Raw Food

Raw food is still the most biologically, species appropriate diet you can feed your pet. Dry kibble (even the best ones) is still extremely processed in a way that completely denatures the whole food ingredients that are used. The company then has to add ingredients back into the food to make it nutritionally whole again. Now, mass produce this product and you start losing quality control. This can lead to oversights, which can lead to recalls. This has and will happen to raw food companies as well but switching to an exclusively kibble diet, we feel, is not the answer. If left to her own devices, would you dog scavenge for dry kibble? No. She would seek out a high protein, high moisture, low-fat diet. 

The best raw food companies combine all these elements which can help your pet maintain an ideal weight, keep their teeth clean and breath fresh AND can help keep their poop healthy AS NATURE INTENDED! Still not convinced? You can cook for your dog! You have more control over what goes into the food and it's the least processed meal you can feed your friend. Or, let us cook for you! Visit www.phoebeandlouies.com and check out our homemade superfood stews for dogs, EXCLUSIVELY at Paw Naturals!

And in case you were curious, here are some facts about the listeria bacteria:

  • According to the FDA website, dogs almost never become sick from Listeria, and nearly 20% of dogs

already test positive for the bacteria. Additionally, the FDA website cites one reference, which

mentioned only six reported cases in dogs from 1947 to 2000.


  • Dogs and healthy humans rarely become sick from exposure to listeria bacteria. Those most at risk are children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
  • Dogs' bodies run slightly acidic and in most cases can fight these kinds of bacteria if they're healthy and have healthy immune systems.
  • There have been no reported cases of pet or human illnesses associated with the recent Stella & Chewy's recall.

We're here for you. We do the research on pet food and supplies so you don't have to! Please always feel free to contact us with questions about your pet's nutrition.


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