Keeping Cats Cool

Summer may officially start June 20th, but any Chicagoan can tell you that Chicago does not follow the rules. So in these times of 80 degree weather we might as well say “Hello Summer!” But as we put away our sweaters and take out our shorts – What about our feline counterparts? They are stuck in their fur coats! So how do we keep our cats cool when the weather is anything but? Here are some quick tips:

  • Ice Cold Water
    Nothing is better than a little ice water on a hot day, and your cat would agree. Add some ice cubes to your cats water bowl before you leave for a long day
  • Cooler Bed
    Wrap a frozen bottle of water in a towel and put it in their bed to give them a personal cooler. Also try putting towels in the freezer and placing the cold towels in their beds.
  • Leave a Fan On
    Leaving a small fan by an open window or on the floor will circulate the air and help your cat stay cool. For extra cooling power put one of those frozen water bottles in front of the fan.
  •  Haircut?
    If your cat has long fur, talk to your vet about whether giving your cat a shave could help keep her cool?
  • Damp Cloth
    Stroke your cat with a damp washcloth or paper towel, simulating how they cool themselves through grooming.
  • Close the Curtains
    Keeping the hot sun out of your house will keep your whole house a lot cooler.
  • Cool Playing Time
    Restrict playtime to the cooler hours of the day – Morning or evenings.
  • Running Water
    Water is essential to keeping a cat healthy during hot days, a water fountain keeps the water cool and flowing for your cat to keep drinking. Check out fountains here.

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