Feeding Green Lipped Mussels for Your Pet's Joint Health


Feeding Green Lipped Mussels for Your Pet's Joint Health

One of the most common ailments in older animals is arthritis. This pain and inflammation of the joints is what commonly causes your once active pet to slow down. It's hard to watch your four-legged friend age, but it doesn't need to be such a painful process. There are plenty of natural ways to prevent joint problems before they begin, and to help your pet's health thrive. One of the most effective natural remedies for preventing and treating joint pain is the superfood known as the green lipped mussel.

What are green lipped mussels?

A green lipped mussel is a type of shellfish that can be found in the waters around New Zealand. This mussel gets its name due to the green coloring around the edge of its shell, as seen in the picture above.

How can green lipped mussels help my pet?

Green lipped mussels can help to prevent and to treat joint pain in both pets and humans. It's the perfect, completely natural remedy. These mussels are a superfood, containing vitamins, minerals, omega 3's, amino acids, and so much more. They are also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which have both been scientifically proven to prevent and relieve joint pain and inflammation. If you include green lipped mussel in your pet's diet from an early enough age, you can help to prevent joint issues, such as arthritis, in the future. On the other hand, if you're looking for a natural remedy to relieve your pet's arthritis and joint pain, including green lipped mussel into your pet's diet is the way to go.

How do I feed my pet green lipped mussel?

There are tons of different ways to include green lipped mussel in your pet's diet. 

Feeding as a supplement: One way is to feed the mussel as a supplement, oftentimes in the form of a powder that you add to your pet's food. This is a great way to introduce the superfood to your pet's diet without disrupting their existing routine. A great option is the "Super Snouts Joint Powder" supplement from Diggin Your Dog.

Feeding as a treat: Another simple option is to feed green lipped mussel as a treat, usually in a freeze dried form. The Honest Kitchen's "Nice Mussels" dog treats are a great option.

Foods with green lipped mussels: If your pet isn't a huge fan of the fishy smell or taste of green lipped mussels, then an easy way to sneak them into their diet is to feed a food that includes the superfood in its ingredients. Oftentimes these foods include different protein sources that cover the smell and taste of the mussels. A great brand of food that contains green lipped mussel is Ziwi Peak. Ziwi Peak makes air dried raw food or canned meats for both dogs and cats, and they come in numerous different protein sources.


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