Sleepy Cotton Dog Balm Calming Lavender


Type: Grooming
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Calm & Relax Your Dog the Natural Way Are you looking for a natural way to calm your pup? As a dog parent, an overly energized fur baby can be exhausting. Our Lavender Balm is formulated to relax your furry friend the natural way. Therapeutic scents of the lavender flower reduce anxiety and stress without the use of harsh chemicals. True Made in USA While many companies do not provide necessary information clearly, we proudly state everything. - All our Sleepy Cotton bath products are made in the USA - We proudly list ALL our ingredients - ALL our ingredients are US-made About Our Calming Lavender Balm - Made in the USA - Clear ingredient list - All US-made ingredients - GMO-free ingredients - Naturally derived ingredients - No harsh chemicals - No preservatives - Carefully selected and safe ingredients - 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil For More Info - Visit Sleepy Cotton