Lazy Leash Mini Wearable Power Leash

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Color: Blue, Black, Grey, Teal, Pink, Yellow
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Lightweight Clip-On Extendable Keychain Dog Lead for Training, Travel, Hiking, Running or Hands Free Dog Walking Convenience. Take a leisurely hands-free stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control. Feel the freedom. Unleash the power. Free yourself and your dog. Lazy leash is tough, durable and simple to use. Convenient for travel, biking, camping, jogging, running or other hands free dog walking fun. Lazy Leash is a safe and effective tool for dog training, and the most convenient way to train your puppy. Stay in control with Lazy Leash! A mini retractable leash in your pocket (or purse) that's powerful enough to restrain small, medium or large dogs. A super simple self-contained portable retractable leash that extends into a 3 foot long power strength cable—unbreakable by canine force. Just press the button to release and press it again to reel it back in. You'll never want to go back to the old way of dog walking. Featuring an anti-slip black polymer handle and a handle and a red tangle free dyneema cable that's strong enough to pull a truck. A portion of each order is donated to help end the abuse and mistreatment of our canine friends worldwide through the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. Lazy Leash! has US and International Patents Pending.


  • ADJUSTABLE SHORT LEAD FOR ULTIMATE CANINE CONTROL 🐕 Lightweight extendable clip-on keychain dog leash for travel, training, hiking, running or hands free dog walking convenience. Keep your pet close with a three foot (36 in) adjustable power cable that's unbreakable by canine force and strong enough to tow a 4,000 LB truck.
  • PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET, CLIP IT TO YOUR KEYCHAIN, OR LET YOUR DOG CARRY THE LEASH! 🐩 Perfect for medium to large dogs, or pups that are off-leash most of the time. Easy to hold and ready when you are. You'll never want to go back to the old way of dog walking.
  • TAKE A HANDS-FREE STROLL, OR GRAB THE LAZY LEASH TO TAKE CONTROL 🐕‍🦺 Lazy Leash is compact, durable and simple to use. Press the button to release, press it again to reel it back in. Featuring ultra-high strength engineering polymer and a patent pending pressure lock button.
  • FEEL THE FREEDOM. UNLEASH THE POWER 🦮 Lazy Leash is a safe and effective tool for dog training. 36 inch adjustable short lead to keep your dog close and under control. Safe and durable for any size dog.
  • HELP US FIGHT THE ABUSE AND INHUMANE TREATMENT OF DOGS WORLDWIDE 🐾 Our mission is to end the abuse and inhumane treatment of dogs. We're fighting for our canine friends with a portion of each order going to support the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.