Farm Hounds Chicken Strips 4.5oz Dog Treats

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Made from 100% pasture-raised chickens, these easy-break treats are perfect for every dog and any occasion!

  • Easy-break: Break-to-size for general reward, training, or sprinkle into mealtime!
  • 100% Chicken: A perfect blend of chicken muscle meat, organ, fat, bone, and blood (which is essential for a well-rounded carnivore diet).
  • Transparently Sourced: Every bag shows you (on the front label) the exact farm we worked with to produce that product. Know the farm. Trust the product.
  • Chicken Treats are PACKED full of vitamins and minerals:
  • Protein (builds/repairs muscle and body tissue)
  • Selenium (strengthens the immune system, healthy skin and coat)
  • Phosphorus (cell development, healthy kidney function)
  • Niacin (healthy nervous system, aids in metabolism of carbs, proteins, fats)
Your dog deserves Farm Hounds:
  • Every bag is 100% Chicken that is transparently sourced from family farms! With the power of dehydration, we offer your pups treats that are free of salt, sugar, fillers, chemicals, and preservatives!

Ingredients: 100% Chicken (muscle meat, organ, bone, blood, fat)!

Crude Protein (min): 52.16%
Crude Fat (min): 26.39%
Crude Fiber (max): 1.6%
Moisture (max): 8.29%

4095 kcal/kg
522 kcal/bag