2 Hounds Design Adjustable Handle Nylon Leashes 5/8'

$29.99 USD

Size: 6’ Length

6’ Length
Euro Style Leash
6' Length

Color: Turquoise


Size: 6’ Length, Euro Style Leash, 6' Length
Color: Red, Turquoise, Raspberry
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The perfect leash when price matters. We use super strong nylon webbing, add an adjustable handle, and finish it off with nickel plated hardware. Our 18" Traffic Handle is great for large breed dogs who need to stay close in high traffic situations. Our standard 4' and 6' leashes work great for all breeds of dogs, and our Euro Leash can be used in 13 ways. The Euro leash features a detachable handle with a floating ring. You can use the leash to attach around your waist, make a 3', 6', or 8' leash, connect to a collar and harness at the same time, etc.