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Taj Ma-Hound

Taj Ma-Hound was founded in 2004 for many reasons, the primary reason being the discovery that most dog treats were full of chemicals and preservatives...or worse. There weren't many choices for healthy snacks. I remember thinking that I wouldn't eat these ingredients so why should I feed them to my dogs? With a mountain of research, lots of fresh healthy ingredients, and Lucky our very wise and hungry Chief Tasting Officer the award winning Pea-Mutt Butter treat was created. Today, Taj Ma-Hound offers hundreds of treats in all shapes, sizes and flavors and is one of the first dog bakeries in the country to make birthday cakes for dogs.

Our Ingredients: Taj uses all natural restaurant quality ingredients. Our decorated treats are made from our award winning PeaMutt Butter recipe: peanut butter & oat flour decorated with carob and/or yogurt frosting. We also offer specialty treats in several flavors including Gluten & Grain Free Sunday Dinner, Pumpkin Grrranola and our world famous carob brownie cakes.

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