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About Cordoba Farms

My journey began when I couldn’t find a shampoo that my dog, Ellie, wasn’t allergic too. As a consumer of natural products for my family and being a recreational soap maker, I knew most liquid shampoos contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals which I believed were the culprit of her issues. So, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to make a natural shampoo bar for Ellie. I researched dog’s skin, their coats, differences in breeds and started experimenting. After many recipes, I had success with a goat milk, turmeric & oatmeal bar, which ultimately became, Happy Dog. It was gentle, non-irritating and I loved the ease of bathing her with a bar over drippy liquid. And best of all, no plastic bottle to add to our recycle bin. After sharing Happy Dog and receiving positive feedback and encouragement, I launched Cordoba Farms. My first 4 shampoo bars were created for Ellie’s “pack of friends” with different skin issues. The shampoo became the start of my vision to create a natural grooming line. that used plant-based ingredients and would be plastic-free. And even though our skin care line has expanded, each product is still made in-house in small batches. From the ingredients we source, our packaging and shipping material, we only use high-quality sustainable products while reusing and recycling whenever we can… our shop is even powered by solar. At Cordoba Farms we strive to make the best-quality, natural skin care that your whole family will love!

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