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Our pets bring so much enrichment to our lives. A healthier and happier dog is likely accompanied by a healthier and happier parent. At Cloud Star, we want to give back to our furry friends by delivering the best food and treat to keep their tails wagging.

We take great care to make sure that each recipe is highly palatable and digestible. Our Cloud Star® treats are formulated to meet a variety of needs. From training with Tricky Trainers to indulging with Wag More Bark Less, Cloud Star offers exactly what your pup needs. Each bag or can of Cloud Star® food contains the right mix of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, vitamins, and minerals to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

We know that when you feed your pets our food and treats that it is a special bonding moment we cherish. With Cloud Star® products, we hope you can spend less time worrying about what to feed them and more time enjoying Living Life With Your Dog by Your Side.