Orijen freeze-dried recipes feature rich inclusions of free-run poultry, ranch-raised meat, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs to create a superior source of abundantly nourishing protein and nutrient-dense ratios of raw meat, organs, and cartilage or bone, for optimal nutrition. With 90% quality animal ingredients, and up to 58% protein, Orijen freeze-dried foods provide all the benefits of a raw diet in convenient dry form. The freeze-dried foods come in three delicious flavors, Original, Regional Red, and Tundra. Just add warm water and you’ll have a tasty treat that your dog will love.

A little about the company:

  • Biologically Appropriate: Mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of meat that dogs and cats have evolved to eat.
      • Rich in meat and protein
      • Unmatched fresh meat inclusions
      • An abundant variety of fresh meat
      • Whole prey - superfood for dogs and cats
      • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Fresh regional ingredients
      • Authentically fresh, authentically regional - award winning and biologically appropriate foods are made from fresh regional ingredients
      • Quality ingredients - Orijen uses ingredients that are fresh or raw and meet their precise standards

  • Never outsourced
      • Orijen is prepared in their own kitchen, where they handle every detail from food development to ingredient sourcing, ensuring their stringent food safety processes are upheld. Orijen’s kitchen meets the strictest standards in the world, including the Government of Canada and the European Union
      • Orijen is prepared exclusively in their kitchen. Orijen doesn't make foods for other companies and Orijen doesn't allow their foods to be made by anyone else.

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