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( Women owned )

Small Business Spotlight: Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets Chicago, Illinois Established in 2017Shameless Pets crafts healthy, ridiculously tasty dog treats with a twist – using upcycled ingredients! Imagine empty lobster shells, a farmer’s pumpkin patch after Halloween or apple pulp from a cider press. Every bag is full of all-natural treats, bursting with superfoods, that are nutritious and fun to eat. Their pets aren't just pets, so their treats aren't just treats.  
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Small Business Spotlight: Lord Jameson Dog Treats

Lord Jameson Dog Treats New York, New York Established 2017 Lord Jameson is an organic dog treat company on a mission to elevate the uniquely special bond that humans share with their four-legged family members. The foundation and core principle is built on a never-ending promise to love every dog like our very own, and to treat every dog to the healthiest culinary experience. Exceptional flavors achieved by using real holistic ingredients with nutriti...
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Small Business Spotlight: Dog Mamma's LLC

Dog Mamma's LLC Dog Mamma make’s all their product by hand, baked to order in their own bakery just for dogs. They start each day early and with intention ~ mixing, cutting, baking and packaging their treats. Dog Mamma's believe what we feed their dogs does matter to their health and well-being and they believe in the right to know what is in the pet’s food. They are a husband and wife team who does the baking each day and packages, boxes and ships y...
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Small Business Spotlight: Farmhounds

Farmhounds is a Jerky Treat line from Smyrna, Georgia Established in 2015

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