Small Business Spotlight: DONUM Natural Dog Treats

Small Business Spotlight: DONUM Natural Dog Treats
DONUM Natural Dog Treats Omaha, Nebraska Established in 2016

DONUM Natural Dog is a unique line of luxury dog treats that offers only USDA Certified Organic ingredients to passionate and health conscious dog owners. They have established a small batch/artisanal manufacturing process, and combined it with human-grade ingredients, world class food safety systems and robust quality control practices to create only the purest treats for your loyal furry companion.

They believe that their BEST friends deserve the BEST treats, and no lesser quality ingredients than they feed themselves. DONUM: A gift for dogs, created with care.

With over 30 years of experience in the human food industry, their founder/owner wanted to ensure that pure and healthy foods were also available to their pets. What launched him on a journey to create the perfect treat was the thought shared by every loving pet owner: “My dog deserves the best.”

DONUM’s USDA Organic Treats are made in its manufacturing facilities in the heart of the USA. They aspire to gain your trust and your dog’s satisfaction by pursuing excellence in everything they do.

They manufacture treats using only the best human-grade ingredients available, sourced only from Certified USDA Organic Producers. Their attention to detail in the manufacturing process and their decision to use only a limited number of ingredients allows them to create pure and healthy organic treats for your dog.

They are a team of food industry professionals, who also happen to be passionate pet owners with a firm commitment to excellence.


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