Primal In-Store Demo


Primal In-Store Demo

We love Primal here at Paw Naturals, and are excited to announce their new Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto! Primal has always prided themselves on their safe raw diets and Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto is no exception.

Easy to serve:

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto is shelf-stable and easy to use: simply scoop, hydrate with water, goats milk, or bone broth and serve! Feeding fresh has never been easier.

Whole Food Nutrition:

Made with responsibly sourced proteins and organic produce, specifically chosen to provide your pet with the nutrition they need to thrive, without synthetic supplements.

Highly Digestible:

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto is highly digestible which means your pup will get all the nutrients it needs to thrive. It also helps support a healthy weight, reduced stool volume, healthy skin and coat, oral health, and clear eyes.

Now for Puppies:

Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto offers a puppy recipe to help start your furry friend on their raw diet journey from the get go.

Excited as we are? Join us Saturday, March 11th for our Primal Demo! Get samples, talk to a representative, and learn more about Primals awesome products.


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