Open Farm Kind Earth: Sustainable & Scrumptious

Open Farm Kind Earth: Sustainable & Scrumptious

Sustainability is the future – and that includes the future of your dog’s food! Open Farm has released their very own sustainable food line, called Kind Earth. Kind Earth comes in two different formulas – insect based and plant based. Sounds intriguing? We agree! And we did the research for you. Here’s what we found about these fascinating foods...

Kind Earth was formulated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians, and has been in testing for years. While Open Farm always stands by sourcing their conventional animal proteins in the most humane ways possible, they also decided to offer a line of humanely sourced foods made with different, unique kinds of proteins. The insect formula includes humanely sourced AAFCO approved Black Soldier Fly Larvae, while the plant formula is made from non-GMO ingredients, like sweet potato, fava beans and whole grain barley. Kind Earth Plant Based formula is Open Farm’s lowest carbon footprint kibble.

As if the ingredients weren’t good enough, Open Farm didn’t skip out on the chance to make their packaging as sustainable as possible. The food bags are “made from a multi-layer mono-material that is curbside recyclable in Canada and recyclable through store-drop off locations in the US,” according to Open Farm’s website.

Interested in trying out these new “unconventional” protein options for your pup? Shop with us at Paw Naturals in-store or online today!

Plant Recipe

Insect Recipe

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