Here's Why You Should Always Have Coconut Oil On Hand



I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to the coconut oil craze that has emerged in the past few years. Coconut oil for cooking, for beauty, for dental health - you name it. But did you know that coconut oil is great for your pets? In fact, there are so many benefits to using coconut oil for your pets that you’re definitely going to want to always keep some on hand as your new staple!

Coconut oil uses:

  • Use as your pet’s toothpaste! Coconut oil has antifungal properties, and is commonly found in pet toothpastes for this reason. Either feed a teaspoon of it to your pet, or put it on a toothbrush to help promote good oral hygiene. Be careful how many times a week you do this, as coconut oil is higher in saturated fats.
  • Use to treat your pet’s itchy skin. Does your pet have hotspots or dry patches on their skin? Try applying coconut oil topically to the affected areas. It’s a safe way to moisturize your pet, as it will not cause harm if your pet licks at the areas. Pro tip: use coconut oil on your dog’s nose and paws to help heal cracked winter paws.
  • Use to promote healing. If your pet gets minor superficial injuries, use coconut oil on them to help disinfect the areas and offer the antibacterial protection the wounds need to begin healing. Think of it as the pet-friendly version of neosporin!
  • Feed to your pet to help promote regularity in digestion. Coconut oil can help to balance the ratio of good:bad fats within the gut.
  • Feed coconut oil to your cats to help control or minimize hairballs. Coconut oil can help aid digestion and allow cats to pass hairballs naturally. Pair it with regular brushing and you can really cut down on the problem.


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