Have 'Quarantine Fun' with your Furbaby


Have 'Quarantine Fun' with your Furbaby

How to have 'Quarantine Fun'

When you’re looking to fill your (no doubt more abundant) idle time at home—and assuming you’re not sick—take advantage of some quality playtime with your little shadow. (And, seriously, you cannot underestimate the power of a furry friend’s antics for a much-needed moment of levity.)

For cats
If you could use a few extra things to occupy your pet’s time, don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for you. String up an old toy, a feather, or a ball of foil to a yard stick and go “cat fishing”—the same effect as these toys from Pet Links, a popular cat toy that gets your cat moving with a feathery “bird” on a stick controlled by you.

Don’t forget how easily cats can be amused with a laser pointer.  Some apps can make your phone into a makeshift pointer.

For dogs
Social distancing allows for going outside and taking walks, so long as you maintain the CDC-recommended six feet of distance from others (and you keep your pup from bounding up to anyone you may encounter). The exercise is great for your pet and will likely boost your mood, too.

With your newfound time at home, you can also strike up a game of fetch any time, even on your lunch breaks. Find a ball, or if you’re willing to part with them, roll a pair of socks and get playing! Another fun (and topical) fetch toy: Empty toilet paper rolls!

If you have a dog who enjoys a spirited game of tug-of-war (and, really, what dog doesn’t?), an old washcloth, hand towel, or bath towel—depending on the pup’s size—is a great option in lieu of a braided rope dog toy. (Though you could buy one of those, too.)

You can also snag toys like the Chuckit Ball Launcher, which helps you, the owner, throw the ball farther and higher for a high-energy pup who needs to get some sprints out. This way, you don’t get worn out too quickly yourself.

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