Easter Pet Tips

Easter Pet Tips

It’s suddenly spring, and Easter is almost here! If your family includes a dog or cat, don’t forget to include them in the celebration. Pets love Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets too! Here are some tips to keep your pet happy and entertained and make sure they stay safe and healthy. 

Easter treats for pets

Your pet can have their own Easter egg hunt! You can fill plastic eggs or toys that hold treats with strong-smelling treats, like freeze-dried liver, peanut butter or catnip for the kitties and hide them for your pet to find. You and your pet will be entertained, and your dog or cat will score some yummy snacks! 

You can also make an Easter basket for your fur baby filled with fun and tasty goodies:

  • Toys - Interactive toys, like burrow toys, provide mental stimulation for your pet and help keep them occupied. If your dog is rough on their toys, look for a durable toy that can stand up to tough chewers. 
  • Easter treats - No Easter basket is complete without some delicious treats! You’ll make your dog’s day with designer baked dog cookies in Easter shapes.  
  • Easter apparel - This may be more for the humans, but your pet will look adorable in bunny ears or an Easter shirt!
  • Easter accessories - If your pet won’t wear clothes, they can still look festive with an Easter bandana or collar charm. 

Things to Avoid

  • Easter grass - If your pet is an eater of things, Easter grass is a choking hazard and could cause an intestinal blockage.
  • Candy - Of course, chocolate is toxic to pets, but artificial sweeteners are too.
  • Lillies - These common Easter flowers are highly poisonous to cats.
  • People food - Watch your unattended plates and glasses! Caffeine and alcohol are toxic to pets, and too many rich table scraps can cause stomach upset.

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