Brand Spotlight: Stella & Chewy's

Brand Spotlight: Stella & Chewy's

The company, whose products are made in Wisconsin, uses only quality ingredients that are sourced from farmers and ranchers they trust.

From free range meats without any added hormones or antibiotics, to organic fruits and veggies, Stella & Chewy’s cares about carefully selecting the best ingredients for their foods.

Stella & Chewy’s, named after their founder Marie’s two dogs, was started with a focus on the power of raw nutrition for pets. Their goal was to help make raw nutrition more accessible and convenient for customers.

Stella & Chewy’s offers tons of different product lines including

  • frozen,
  • freeze dried,
  • raw infused kibbles, and
  • wet foods,
  • Treats
  • Toppers & Broths

Each line has a variety of protein sources to choose from. With this much variety, there’s something perfect for every dog and cat! Worried about convenience? Check out their freeze dried options for dogs and cats, or even their raw coated and raw blend kibbles for dogs.

Have a pet who is missing teeth? You may try their freeze dried or frozen foods, or even their new lines of stews, bone brothsmorsels & pates.

The most cost effective options for large dogs or multi-dog homes? Their frozen raw patties and their line of kibbles are the perfect solution!

Not only do they offer tons of different formula options, but Stella & Chewy’s also offers a wide range of animal proteins to choose from.

With formulas like chicken, fish, beef, lamb, venison, and even rabbit, there’s a formula for even the most sensitive, allergy-prone pup or cat. For animals who get bored of their food easily, try rotating protein sources with ease, and without having to worry about transitioning slowly. With Stella & Chewy’s vast product selection, there really are the perfect options for every pet and their humans.

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