Treat Yo' Pup (And Cat!) - Raw Treats Edition


Treat Yo' Pup (And Cat!) - Raw Treats Edition

treat yo' pup


Looking for a new way to spoil your pup (or feline friend) with some awesome treats? Look no further! One of the best routes you can go is feeding wholesome raw treats. We really advocate raw feeding, as it delivers your pet more nutrients than any cooked or processed options on the market. Plus, raw foods and treats utilize different organ meats, which each provide different health benefits to promote your pet’s overall wellness. The easiest and least messy way to feed your four legged friend raw treats is to find freeze dried products. There are tons of different options out there, but we’d like to spotlight some of our favorites!

Vital Essentials Raw Bar - VE’s Raw Bar offers some of the most interesting (and arguably the grossest - in an amazing way) freeze dried raw treats you can find. From pig snouts with the hair still on them, to whole duck heads that stare right back at you, this brand has crazy options for your pup or your cat! Even better, the treats are sold individually so your buddy can try out tons of different options.

Fresh is Best - This brand offers a vast selection of single ingredient freeze dried raw treats for dogs and cats. They source different organs and body parts from different animals for their treats. From whole hearts to liver bites, or poultry to fish, they’ve got you covered!

Momentum - Similar to Fresh is Best, Momentum offers single ingredient raw treats that are perfect for your dog or your cat. Not only do they have your standard protein sources (chicken, turkey, beef), but they also have more exotic options like bison!

Sojos - Sojos offers some really interesting raw exotic protein treats for dogs. Their “Simply Wild” line includes Venison, Wild-Caught Salmon, and Wild Boar. Their “Simply Meat” line includes Turkey, Lamb, Beef, and even Goat! Both lines are a great option for single ingredient freeze dried treats, and they’re all small enough to make them great options for training treats.


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