This Week’s Featured Product: Phoebe’s Aromatherapy Honey Butter Salve

This Week’s Featured Product: Phoebe’s Aromatherapy Honey Butter Salve

If you’ve still got chapped hands, lips and elbows from this year’s grueling winter, join the club! What you may not realize is that your pets do too. Colder temperatures can dry out your dog or cat’s paws, nose, elbows and skin and cause them to crack, itch or possibly become infected. But don’t worry, Phoebe’s Aromatherapy has the perfect remedy! Their Honey Butter Salve can be just the answer you were looking for to protect and heal your pet’s rough spots.

Honey Butter Salve is made with only natural ingredients; no artificial colors, aromas or preservatives. In fact, Honey Butter Salve has only 7 ingredients-- White Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Raw Honey and Bee Pollen. These ingredients combined make a silky smooth wax that is versatile, long lasting and safe for use on dogs, cats and even YOU! It’s a great soothing topical treatment for chapped skin, lips, elbows, feet, noses, paws and minor hot spots. Because it’s non-toxic and totally natural, we suggest using it daily for best results. Available in a 4oz tin. Click here to shop now!


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