Shelf-Stable Raw Food? Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated


Did you know that raw pet food comes in shelf-stable forms? Many pet owners are intrigued by the raw diet but don’t have freezer space for their pet’s food.

Shelf-stable raw food options include: freeze-dried, dehydrated, and air dried foods. Today we will be sharing a few facts and tips about freeze-dried and dehydrated options for your dog or cat.

Benefits of Raw Food

- Many different forms of raw food (including shelf-stable).

- Cost effective when compared to dry food.

- Foods are not cooked so the nutrients are intact & bio-available.

- More nutrient-dense than dry and wet foods.

- Less stool! Raw food is almost fully absorbed, so the body produces less waste.

- Raw food does not cling to the teeth the way dry food does. This can help improve teeth, oral health, & breath!

- Improves digestion & immune system.

- Improves skin & coat.

- Can reduce allergy symptoms.

- Helps with weight management.

- Gives your pet more stamina to do the things that they love!

- No need to worry about salmonella & other food-borne pathogens!

Freeze-Dried Food Process:

Freeze-dried products start as frozen, raw meat. In the beginning stage all of the moisture in the raw food is ice. The product then goes into a freeze-dryer which acts as a vacuum with extremely cold temperatures. The ice will then change into water vapor. This turns the frozen meat into dry, freeze-dried food without having to thaw or cook the meat. The raw meat is now shelf-stable and ready for your pet to enjoy!

Dehydrated Food Process:

Fun fact: dehydrating food is actually one of the oldest methods of food processing! Tried and true, right? This process slowly & gently removes the moisture from meat/other ingredients. When the food is heated and extremely low temperatures it can still maintain all of its nutrients, unlike dry kibble and cooked wet food. This creates a shelf-stable product that your pet will love!

Benefits of Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Raw:

- Shelf-stable raw is better than other shelf-stable food options. Dry kibble and wet foods lack a lot of the nutrients that are kept in raw food due to heat-exposure.

- Doesn’t take up all of your freezer space!

- Dehydrated & freeze-dried raw foods travel extremely well, making your pet’s vacation, adventure, or stay at daycare much easier!

- Quick & easy prep!

Freeze-Dried Brand Recommendation:

Dehydrated Brand Recommendation:

Quick & Easy Food Prep:

- Just add warm water to re-hydrate and let the food sit for a minute before feeding! Adding water reconstitutes the food, giving it it’s normal aroma & texture.

Are you ready to make the switch to raw? Come in to our store today and ask about our shelf-stable or frozen options! Are you located outside of Chicago? Visit our website to order shelf-stable raw food for your pet! We will ship it to your door! Your pet will love you for keeping their health in mind and making the switch to a raw diet.


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