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In 2014, Snaks 5th Avenchew was started by avid Equestrian, animal lover and native New Yorker, Carrie Sarabella. Created originally for her own dog’s extreme food allergies, Carrie understood nutrition and used her medical background (gained through her extensive 14yr career in Anesthesia), and mixed it with her inner baker, to find new and innovative ways to change the way your pet "Snaks", minus any itchy side effects. Believe it or not, many human ingredients have great benefit and purpose in canine digestion! Our commitment to precision, detail, and product design, along with carefully selecting clean ingredients, allows us to spoil pup palates all over the United States in a healthy, yet elevated way. S5A treats have a velvety, irresistible aroma, and the perfect snap for crunch! Topped with our house-made, semi-sweet, yogurt icing (that won't melt in your hand), allows you to enjoy ‘treating’ your pet, without the sticky mess. Snaks do not contain any preservatives or byproduct. Which means, you can try them too... (if they let you) ... ...Because after all, "If we can't eat it, why should they?!"® We look forward to a “sweet” partnership.