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In 1989, American Health Kennels was founded with the simple notion that pet treats should be appealing to both the owner and the pet. With recipes developed by a Culinary Institute of America Chef, Pet Snax LLC was formed to revive a dying company and keep the iconic product line alive. Utilizing the same recipes, made with human grade ingredients right here in America, under our strict standards and controls.

Keeping that same belief that pets should be treated like family, we guarantee the quality and consistency of our premium natural treats.

Having a love of animals, and having a couple of my own, what we loved about the Bark Bars brand is that these are not your usual treats - we call ourselves the fun treat company. With treat names like "The Dog Ate My Homework" (shaped like little homeworks), "Teacher's Pet" (shaped like apples), "Milk and Cookies for Santa" (shaped as, you guessed it, Milk cartons and cookies), "Animal Snackers" (bringing back those childhood memories of animal crackers and shapes), and our Cookie Bars (which look like candy bars), we want to put smiles on your face, while delivering great fun treats for your pets.

We stick to our tag line: "Treats for your pets...smiles for you!"