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Parisian Pet Scottish Red/Blue Tuxedo

Parisian Pet Scottish Red/Blue Tuxedo

$34.99 USD
Made for pups who love to look stylish and dress in designer clothes, this Scottish dog tuxedo can make any pooch stand out from the crowd in a formal setting....
Parisian Pet® is a lifestyle brand of pet products. Since 2007, we have been designing and manufacturing fine quality pet couture and accessories. We offer an incredible value on innovative products that are trending in the market. Our team of designers carefully crafts each piece thinking of all the wonderful memories you will be able to create with your furry kids. We have found the perfect balance between the different personalities of pets, their owners and their lifestyles to be able to create chic, classy and trendy collections that keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Our complete line of clothing and accessories includes designs for all occasions whereas your pet can take a part of your daily life, important celebrations and family events. Parisian Pet has been featured on movies, TV Shows and magazines. Even celebrity dogs from all over the world have been spotted using our brand!