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mount ara + Calm & Relaxed 5mg CBD Bite Trial

mount ara + Calm & Relaxed 5mg CBD Bite Trial

$7.99 USD
Sold individually mount ara in all flavors - original, pumpkin & apple. Each bag holds three 5mg full spectrum CBD bites labeled for individual resale. Perfect for encouraging new customers,...
mount ara™ was founded in 2019 in beautiful Chicago with one goal in mind, to see pets, and their owners, living their best, healthiest lives. That’s why their focus is on honesty and integrity, not just in their ingredients, but in every area of their business. From the seeds they start with to the product your pets love, honesty is more than an ingredient for them, it’s their business model.

They know there’s no better way to ensure the highest quality than to make each ingredient they use as close to natural as possible. Their products are wholistic, farm grown and free of pesticides and heavy metals. Best of all, they taste great! Go on, ask your dog.