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Dogs have been part of my life since the beginning. When I was growing up. When I was first married. When my children were born. I always felt our family was not complete without our furry friends. That’s why, when it comes to feeding them, only the freshest, highest quality ingredients will do. Even when I'm snacking, I prefer fresh, organic, preservative-free food for my family. Why not do the same for my cuddly canines? ​ One day, I decided to start baking for our dogs, Nemo, Cody & Charlee, the same way I bake for my kids, Remi & Mia. I made batches of vegan & gluten-free dog treats and put the extra dough in the refrigerator to bake as needed. When my pups smelled the treats baking, they were instantly at attention by my side, just like when my kids smell their favorite cookies baking! It quickly became a regular routine in our household. My friends’ and neighbors’ dogs sampled the treats and loved them so much that I decided to make this healthy ready-to-bake dough for you! Just like most families, our lives are hectic & busy. It's hard to find time to bake from scratch. Now, it’s quick and easy with Dough ReMia’s™ Doggie Dough. You just shape & bake and in minutes you have fresh-from-your-oven dog treats. Any leftover dough goes in the fridge or freezer for future use. Now, you can say goodbye to pre-packaged treats that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long! It feels so good to TREAT your dog well! BONE Appétit!