Ware Corrugated Wildcat Door Hanging Scratch Post
Product Specifications:
Cardboard is economical and irresistible to cats

Hang on the door or use on the floor

Perfect to fulfill a cat's instinctive need to scratch

One package of catnip included

Product Description:
The CatWare® Wildcat Door Hanger is the perfect economized holder for corrugated cardboard. Designed with cats in mind, simply spread the provided catnip leaves all around the corrugated cardboard and watch as your frisky feline's senses come alive! Refill with a replacement corrugated cardboard block as needed so cats can play over and over again. Fun animals prints and easy doorknob hanging design fits perfectly in a modern living area.

The fabric and pattern design may vary in different places because they are lovingly handmade and are all a little different.

Notes On Use:
Country Brook Design cannot be held responsible for misuse of our product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use.
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